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How To Clean Your Glass Water Pipe

As with any kind of smoking pipe, over time it will become gummed up with resin. Resin is that nasty smelling tarry stuff left behind after smoking. It can make your pipe harder to use because the resin builds up and restricts the air flow. Think of it as a water drain that gets gummed up over time. The drain becomes slow because the water is restricted. Likewise, a glass pipe is more and more difficult to use or pull smoke through after many uses. A gummed up pipe can also alter the flavor of whatever you are smoking. That bitter taste is due to the resin buildup. Here is how to clean your glass water pipe.

How To Clean Your Glass Pipe Using The Boiling Method

Please remember to NOT drop your cold pipe into hot boiling water. That is a sure way to crack it in a similar way that a hot radiator will crack when you pour cold water inside it. Instead, place the pipe in some lukewarm water and then allow the water to slowly come up to a boil with the pipe already in the pot. That allows the temperature of your glass pipe to gradually rise with the water’s temperature.

Allow the water to boil for about 5 minuets then turn off the heat.  Next, let the pipe to soak in the hot water for around 15-20 minutes. The hot water works to soften and loosen the hard resin. Once the water has cooled down remove the pipe and place it on some paper towels to get rid of excess water.  Finally, use a regular pipe cleaner and a small brush to remove anything still stuck. Rinse the pipe and allow it to thoroughly dry before using it.

How To Clean Your Pipe using 91% Epsom Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

Place the pipe in a plastic container with a lid. Pour enough rubbing alcohol in the container to cover the pipe. Add just enough Epsom salt to make the alcohol abrasive. Allow it to soak overnight. The alcohol will dissolve the resin and the salt acts as an abrasive to help remove any stuck-on particles. Use a regular pipe cleaner and a small brush to remove any remaining resin. Rinse the pipe and allow it to thoroughly dry before using.

The methods above are not recommended for wooden pipes.  However, using a pipe cleaner that has been dipped in alcohol can be used to clean inside the stem and bowl of your wood pipe. Just don’t over saturate the pipe cleaner.

Some safty tips: Some folks say you can clean glass pipe in microwave but we do not suggest doing that. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when cleaning your pipe.

We hope these tips on How To Clean Your Glass Water Pipe is helpful. Cleaning your glass pipe will bring it back to life, make it look new again, and make your smoke taste much better.  With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance your Tony Tone Glass Pipe will endure for many years to come.


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