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Where Can I Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes?

You can buy wholesale glass pipes from us and start making more profits now. Find out how.

Are you planning to open your own vape shop? Or maybe you already own a vape shop and you just want a popular new product line. Well, look no further because we got you covered! You can get everything you need for your head shop or vaporizer store, including wholesale glass pipes, when you register for a wholesale account at Tony Tone Glass Shop.


No matter what style pipe you are looking for, you will likely find it at Tony Tone Glass Shop. We have a large selection of pipes fit for anything you may want to use them for. We also carry a large variety of smoking accessories, dab tools, wax tools, pipe adapters, drop-downs, nails, kits and the like.

More items include:

  • One hitterssmall hand pipes - glass
  • Bowls
  • Pinchies
  • Chillum
  • Bats
  • Clips
  • Cones
  • Papers
  • Ash Catchers
  • Hookas
  • Rigs
  • Kits
  • and more!


We Supply Small Hand Pipes and Large Glass Pipes

We have a variety of 3 and 4 inch glass pipes in stock that are ready to be shipped to you. Whether you want bright colors or a basic style, these pipes will be a best seller in your shop. High quality glass is sturdy, so our pipes are not prone to cracking with repeated use, and the highly polished, thick glass is designed to stay cool no matter how long a “smoke out” lasts. As an added bonus, our small hand pipes are small enough to stash discreetly in your pocket or purse, making them ideal for any situation. Small glass pipes need frequent cleaning, so be sure to offer pipe cleaners as an aside for extra sales! You may also want to have screens available for those who prefer using them in their hand pipes.

Our Large Glass pipes and bongs are rugged and well made yet stylish and popular. They come is a wide variety of styles and sizes. They range from 8 inches up to 16 inched tall. All of our large pipes will accept modern tools such as adapters, re-claimers, drop-downs, converters and catchers. Our Tony Tone brand pipes have the TT logo on the front. These are a big hit in Florida and Louisiana. We’re sure our large glass pipes and water pipes will be a big hit at your location too.

We also have a range of tall water pipes that will have visitors flocking to your shop for their “water sports”. All of our water pipes are designed to stay as cool as possible while providing a great way to unwind. Dab and wax tools for the pipes are made of high quality quartz that can take plenty of torch heat. So be sure to look through the accessories pages to find anything you’d like to sell with these pipes as companion sales. For instance, you may want to have a stock of bowls, ash catchers, nails, re-claimers and grinders on hand in addition to your large glass pipes. All at bulk cost to you.

How Do Get Wholesale Prices On Glass Pipes?

You can Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes from us and make huge profit margins. We negotiate hard with overseas suppliers to get you rock bottom prices. We purchase glass in bulk in to get an even better deal then pass the savings on to our wholesale clients.  We also manufacture a full line of vape juice at Sweet Southern Vapes in Florida. Sign up for a wholesale account there too!

Signing up for a wholesale account is easy.

If you want to provide top quality, wholesale glass pipes to your customers, please sign up for a wholesale account at Tony Tone Glass Shop. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of membership, including shopping for all the items you want for your shelves on-line. Or you can call us at the number in the footer too. We’ll be glad to get a wholesale account set up you. So look no further. You can purchase everything for your vape business right here! Buy wholesale glass pipes from us today and start making more profits tomorrow.



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